The Holy Spirit’s whisper

by John on December 18, 2009


by John Fischer

Here is what the Spirit of God says to us: “Tell him I love him.” It could be to a friend recovering from bypass surgery in the hospital; it could be to a homeless man, smelly and half nuts; it could to be your husband just going out the door for a few groceries—and never coming back; it could be to the lady who cut in front of you in line; it could be to your best friend the one you won’t ever see again who left the party early to walk home by himself… In all of these situations, the Holy Spirit wants to have us stand in for him. He wants us to deliver the message. It’s the ultimate gift, and it explains why God sent his son into the world, but it’s less complicated than that. It’s distilled into three words, one phrase, and it’s the point of it all: “Tell her I love her” or “Tell him I love him.”

It’s the Holy Spirit’s whisper. He whispers it in our ear while we stand in front of someone it would be impossible for us to love otherwise. And he whispers it in our ear as we casually say good-by to the most familiar face we know. And why do I need to do this? She’ll be back in just a few minutes. Will she? “Tell her I love her.” Don’t miss an opportunity.

Because it’s ultimately what the Father said to the Son when he watched them nail him to a cross and had to turn his back as he agonized alone, covered in sin that was not his and forsaking his only begotten: “Tell them I love them,” God said. And he did.

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